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Recomandari pentru antrenor!

Consider ca isi face treaba competent si serios.

Legenda Maestrului Paul Tomita, Profesor al Casei Regale

Legenda profesorului Tomita in lumea golfului incepe prin anii '30. Articol realizat de Dna Mira Balan

Sportul regilor, la microscop

Practic, golful te face sa fii alt om, sa gandesti totul altfel si sa legi poate cele mai adevarate relatii de prietenie.

Lectii de golf video, in limba romana

Aceasta este forma inregistrata in Aprilie 2010. Desi au  imperfectiuni din vina emotiilor, totusi pot fi folosite cu succes!

Vrei sa devii antrenor de golf?

Jucatorii de golf cu hcp minim 8, care sunt in masura sa treaca si un test  pe internet din regulamentul de golf la nivel avansat, pot accede ca elevi ai Centrului National de Formare si Perfectionare a Antrenorilor Sportivi respectiv sectia antrenor de golf.


Definitiile si Termenii de mai jos reprezinta fundatia in jurul careia au fost scrise Regulile jocului. O buna cunoastere a acestora va permite aplicarea corecta a Regulilor.

Golf entities from Romania

Toate entitatile actuale, din sportul national.

Raspuns la intrebarile frecvent intalnite

Ce inseamna hcp? / La ce varsta se poate incepe acest sport? /  De ce echipament am nevoie? /  In ce consta jocul de golf si cat de repede se poate invata? .... Daca am intrebari la cine pot apela?

R&A Golf Development Director statements about Romania

The R&A is golf's world rules and development body and organiser of The Open Championship.  It operates with the consent of 130 national and international organisations from almost 120 countries and on behalf of an estimated 32 million golfers in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and The Americas (outside the USA and Mexico).
Using money generated by The Open Championship, The R&A invests in the future of the game all over the world.  In so doing, there is a big focus on junior golf, on teaching and coaching and on the provision of public access facilities.

Bulgaria is a good example of an eastern European country which has made huge strides in golf in the last decade aided in a small way by The R&A.

As mentioned above, Bulgaria would be a good model for Romania to follow as would the Czech Republic where golf is now flourishing.

Personally, I know very little about Romania but am aware it is a country with huge sporting tradition.  For this reason alone, there seems little obvious logic for golf not to take off there.

Here at The R&A we know there is golf activity but, from what I understand, remains much room for progress.

The R&A's relationship with other major golf bodies is very good.  We meet with such organisations regularly to exchange ideas and to discuss areas of common interest.

To this end, we host an International Golf Conference once very four years and a more domestic gathering of bodies in Great Britain & Ireland biannually.

In our eyes, golf in Romania will get R&A support if the national body responsible for governing the game applies in the customary way.

Again, The R&A will try to help any country eager to progress its golf through grant aid, moral support and advice.  Romania is no different to any other country in this respect.

Marius, it would be inappropriate for me to comment on you or indeed any other individual involved in golf in Romania.  I hardly know  any of you and have never visited your country.

What I will say however is that you have shown the enthusiasm and interest in the game which is necessary for progress  to occur and with a more collaborative effort from your national federation, I sincerely hope it is not too long before we are doing more  for Romanian golf and giving the game there the support it clearly needs.


Above are some of the answers given by Mr. Weir at Marius Popescu questions. in order for the R&A to be better understood by romanians. 

Marius comments: Thank you Mr. Weir. Indeed R&A help for romanian golf has been important allready. After our official discussion, R&A sent 40 new golf bags in order to sustain our junior programs. Further than this a Golf Rules course has been organized by the R&A in Romania, and our Federation become R&A member.  Let's see what happens from now on!

Romanian Golf History

There is almost 1 century of golf tradition in Romania.

A Global Game, A Global Industry

Europe, Australia and US Golf compared.

Greatest golfers of all!

Jack - Eternal legend! Hogan The best ball striker ever!!!  

Perfect practice makes perfect

Even the most talented players need to practice. Since hitting golf-balls does not make you as tired as running, cycling or swinging, professional golfers spend more time practicing than any other sport.

The more you learn, the more you want to learn.

In learning about the wonderful game of golf, there can be the danger of wanting to improve too fast. There is no substitute for practice if you want to improve!

Lower Body - the secret

Very, very simple and very short lesson, the less your hips, knees and feet do during the backswing the better.

Golf Rules

From USGA and from the R&A. Rules quiz from beginner till advance level.  

St. Andrews and EGTF

romanian team


International Golf Associatons

Urgent steps needed to improve golf level within Romania

What should be resolved?

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