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Recomandari pentru antrenor!

Consider ca isi face treaba competent si serios.

Legenda Maestrului Paul Tomita, Profesor al Casei Regale

Legenda profesorului Tomita in lumea golfului incepe prin anii '30. Articol realizat de Dna Mira Balan

Sportul regilor, la microscop

Practic, golful te face sa fii alt om, sa gandesti totul altfel si sa legi poate cele mai adevarate relatii de prietenie.

Lectii de golf video, in limba romana

Aceasta este forma inregistrata in Aprilie 2010. Desi au  imperfectiuni din vina emotiilor, totusi pot fi folosite cu succes!

Vrei sa devii antrenor de golf?

Jucatorii de golf cu hcp minim 8, care sunt in masura sa treaca si un test  pe internet din regulamentul de golf la nivel avansat, pot accede ca elevi ai Centrului National de Formare si Perfectionare a Antrenorilor Sportivi respectiv sectia antrenor de golf.


Definitiile si Termenii de mai jos reprezinta fundatia in jurul careia au fost scrise Regulile jocului. O buna cunoastere a acestora va permite aplicarea corecta a Regulilor.

Golf entities from Romania

Toate entitatile actuale, din sportul national.

Raspuns la intrebarile frecvent intalnite

Ce inseamna hcp? / La ce varsta se poate incepe acest sport? /  De ce echipament am nevoie? /  In ce consta jocul de golf si cat de repede se poate invata? .... Daca am intrebari la cine pot apela?

Perfect practice makes perfect

Even the most talented players need to practice. Since hitting golf-balls does not make you as tired as running, cycling or swinging, professional golfers spend more time practicing than any other sport. Vijay Singh is known to start at 7 o’clock in the morning and leave the driving range 12 to 14 hours later.


If you look at the professional events, you can see almost all the players putt, chip and hit balls for hours after they have played their tournament rounds. The thought behind this is; if you do not have the same talent for golf as some people, you can always out work them.


There are a few different types of practice that the professionals use, and so could you.

Depending on your level, there are different ways to optimise your practice time.

For the beginners, it is important to remember that the objective of the Game of Golf is to hit the ball into a hole. Not just hit balls with a 7 iron or driver. Therefore you should start on the putting green, close to the hole. Gradually work your way from the hole, making the swing longer and longer.
If your practice facilities allow it, ideally you would place your balls on the green first 5 meters from the hole, then move 5 meters further away, then each time move further back. Then just of the green to start working on chip shots, going to pitches until you reach full swing distance. Always moving further away from the hole.

If you have some more experience, try to make your practice sessions more specific. If you are in a position to work on your game more than once a week, you can focus on one specific area of your game per session. Start with your driver and only your driver on the first day. Begin by hitting them at 75% of your maximum speed and then work your way up to 110% of you, jumping out of your shoes on every shot. On the next session, only take a mid-iron and begin by hitting the shots, with a full swing, but only at 25% of your normal distance, then 50% , 75% and finish by hitting them your normal distance. On the next training session, you should work on your chipping and putting only. Every once in a while, you should try to combine the 3 different element, drive, mid irons and your short game, but remember, the more specific you can practice, the more you can improve. Be patient, do not try to do everything all at once. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Warm up

Before you go and play, ideally you should get to the golf course 2 hours before the round. Make sure your equipment is in order, plenty of balls, tees, gloves, maybe wash the grips and clean the grooves.

Go to the putting green first. Try to get a feel for the speed. For about 10 minutes hit medium to long putts only. 5 to 15 meters, with 2 or 3 balls, no short putts.

Then go to the driving range.

Start by doing some light stretching, not too fast.

Make about 20 practice swings, gradually making your backswing fuller and fuller. If, during the warm up, hit some bad shots, there will be a tendency to rush and hit the next few balls faster. Do not! Take enough time on each shot and when you miss a shot, make a few practice swings, before you hit your next shot.

Get your sand wedge out and hit about 20 balls between 20 to 40 meters.

Then hit 10 with your pitching wedge at about 75 % of your maximum speed.

Take your 8 iron, another 10 balls and the same with your 5 iron. Hit a few balls with your hybrid or 3 wood, make sure you tee the ball up when you hit the longer clubs.

Hit about 10 shots with the driver. Tee it up as high as you can, most amateurs tend to tee the ball up too low. To hit the drive maximum distance, remember that it needs to take of at 45 degrees, much higher than you might think. Make your practice swings faster than you would when you actually hit the ball. With the ball, make sure that the start of the swing, the first 50 cm or so, extra slow and as big a shoulder turn as you can make without moving the right knee in your backswing.

One or two shots where you try to imagine the tee shot you will hit on the first hole of play. Then take the sand wedge again and hit another 20 balls between 20 to 40 meters again.

Then you move to the chipping and putting green. Maybe hit a few shots out of the bunker. 10 chip and run shots and then it is on to the putter. Short putts first, focus on mechanics. Gradually lengthen the putts but finish with 5 to 10 putts from a meter to end the warm-up. Make sure that you count your clubs on the first tee, that you have plenty of balls and a rule book. Have fun!

For the true professionals! After you have finished the round, have a few drinks with your playing partners and head back to work on the shots that did not go like you wanted them to during the round.

Romanian Golf History

There is almost 1 century of golf tradition in Romania.

A Global Game, A Global Industry

Europe, Australia and US Golf compared.

Greatest golfers of all!

Jack - Eternal legend! Hogan The best ball striker ever!!!  

Perfect practice makes perfect

Even the most talented players need to practice. Since hitting golf-balls does not make you as tired as running, cycling or swinging, professional golfers spend more time practicing than any other sport.

The more you learn, the more you want to learn.

In learning about the wonderful game of golf, there can be the danger of wanting to improve too fast. There is no substitute for practice if you want to improve!

Lower Body - the secret

Very, very simple and very short lesson, the less your hips, knees and feet do during the backswing the better.

Golf Rules

From USGA and from the R&A. Rules quiz from beginner till advance level.  

St. Andrews and EGTF

romanian team


International Golf Associatons

Urgent steps needed to improve golf level within Romania

What should be resolved?

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